Investing in real estate is always a good idea. You can expect great return on your investment in a relatively short time, especially if you opt for house and land packages in Sydney. Instead of purchasing a pre-owned house and separately a land lot, it is better to choose newly built houses that come in great package deals. However, before you make an investment make sure you will purchase through a highly reputable source.

House and land packages in SydneyInvest quality time into research and see which are those real estate companies offering great deals for new houses and land. You can start your research online, because many real estate companies advertise their services directly on websites. Then, you can make enquiries, check out great quality photographs and discuss with the experts all the details that you need. Moreover, it is important to check out a few reliable genuine testimonials. See what other investors have to say about the services and house and land packages Sydney offered by these companies. Ate these packages indeed a best deal opportunity for investment? Are the houses built using top quality materials and advanced technology? Ask several questions before you sign any contract.

House and land packages as great investment tools

  • Huge savings on Stamp Duty- as an investor, you already acknowledge the importance of saving on Stamp Duty. Basically, for a house and land package worth approx. $500,000, you can enjoy savings of $8,500 or more in Stamp Duty. These savings are possible due to the fact that when you build a new house, you will actually have to pay duty solely on the land value, and not the house itself. The house is not yet built, so you don’t have to pay any taxes. The following house and land packages in Sydney.
  • Freedom of selecting the house design that you want- this is yet another great benefit of house and land packages Sydney. When buying such a package you get a free hand in choosing the exact construction style that you wish. You are not bound by any restrictions, and this is what matters when you are investing your money in any type of venture. You can now custom tailor the design of the house to suit the needs and requirements of future tenants. They will love the fact this is a newly built house with all the important amenities existent. Tenants will most probably rent for very long term, and this means great return on your investment. Buying land and house package is a low risk investment for you.
  • Quality tenants- only people with high expectations will want to rent newly built homes. These tenants have a very good financial situation, which again means peace of mind for you. Attracting quality tenants to your real estate schedule is yet another great benefit for you!
  • Very low maintenance- this is yet another obvious advantage of opting for house and land package deals instead of investing in older property. Newly built homes will have all the latest fittings and fixings with several decades of warranty. This means you will have peace of mind that you don’t need to invest in home improvements for many years to come. The new house maintains its high market value for very long, while the maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.