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Do you want to have a great wedding reception in Gold Coast? Then you really need an ideal location; you are expected to use a location that will suit the place. Gold Coast is already a beautiful place with unique setting. However, what you need goes beyond pretty scenery, you need a suitable venue.

It is not easy to choose a real venue for your wedding reception. To some people, choosing the right function venues in Perth can be an uphill task. It requires some consideration and careful thinking. In this short article, we have articulated top 10 wedding venues you can choose from, if you are planning to hold it in Gold Coast.

Below are some of them:

An Island Hideaway

It is located in one of the coastal areas of Gold Coast, with great ocean views, and native bush land with a tropical setting and personalised packages. It is sort of a wonderland for most people. It could be a great pleasure to hold your wedding reception in this scenic place.

Arundel Hills Country Club

This majestic place exudes sophistication, simplicity, elegance and style. Among other things, it has two reception rooms, and four amazing ceremony options. No matter the size of the wedding you want to have, Arundel Hills country club has a good package for you.

Cedar Creek Lodges

Cedar Creek Lodges is situated in a cool place. You and your bridal party will really be excited to be here. All through your stay here, you will be wowed with the trickling water, chirping birds and other fun-loving activities around the lodge. It remains the ideal place for all your events whether big or small.

Coolibah Downs Private Estate

This unique place occupies about 10-acre of land. If you have been searching for a place to hold a unique wedding of your dream, then you are at the right place. You will get all the things that will entice you in this location such as rain forest, lily pond, highly professional staff, croquet lawn plus experienced wedding planners and hostess, who will make sure that your wedding was very successful.

Evergreen Garden Venue

Gold coast conferencesThis is another cool venue, and it is hidden between Queensland’s hinterland and beach. The wedding venue is an ideal place for those that want to have highly customized wedding events for less than 50 guests.

Evergreen Garden venue may not be the right place for you if you will be expecting more than 50 guests. Thus, for those that are planning a small wedding get-together, they will wow their guests with an amazing scenario.

Park Wood International

If you are planning to have a cocktail wedding party, then this is the right place for you. Both you and your guests will be wowed with the venue; you will enjoy a lively celebration. Almost every month, people from different parts of the world come here to hold their wedding events.

If you are currently thinking of a place to hold your wedding, then there is no need to think further, because you have found a place that you will be happy for.

Conclusion About Gold Coast Conference Venues

We believe you gained something useful about selecting a good function venue in Melbourne. If you have visited any of the places discussed above, we will be happy if you can share your experiences with us!